Monday, March 21, 2011

First Smoothie of the Year

Last summer I tried a raw food diet. Wish I could say it made a miraculous difference in my health, but that wasn't the point. Having food allergies, my diet is a lot better than the typical American diet anyway. I just wanted to add more veggies.
Winter came and I just got too cold. So this is the first smoothie of the year!
All I had was an organic banana, no fresh greens or anything like that. So armed with a banana, some brown rice protein, rice milk, ice cubes, and a sprinkle of cocao nibs, I had lunch! And just when I took the first sip I realized - you know what I forgot? Cinnamon! Oh, well. I have the rest of spring and summer, and possibly fall, to make more.

 I really like food so it probably seems odd that I could be so content and emotionally and physically satisfied with one of these things, but I am. It makes me want to smile.