Friday, July 27, 2012


Nobody can relax like a cat. I love to see the look of bliss on her face. She's twelve years old, but she still acts like a kitten.

Thursdays were supposed to be my blogging days, but I can't work like that. (Of course, nobody actually reads it, but you still have to write it as if somebody does. It's a mental thing.) So I relaxed and said to myself, "Self, how do I work?" The answer is I have to have wide margins in my deadlines. So, I'll plan to to write the post on Mondays and tell it to publish it on Thursday. If I'm sick Monday, then I can do it on Tuesday,  etc.

That's how I've been getting done a lot of other stuff. This week I used the same method for changing the cat's litter boxes. It took me three days, but it finally got done.

Well, I completely finished Lesson 7 of How To Think Sideways. I'm now working on the Lesson 8 modules. (You've really got to work each lesson as marked and not skip about.) This lesson is all about coming up with just the write amount of worldbuilding before you start. Fortunately I've never been a big world builder, but I've gone to the other end of the spectrum and wrote 'by-the-seat-of-the-pants,' and gotten no finished product out of it.

I tried to go to the other end and build thirty cultures on six worlds and figure out the meal plan for the main character for three weeks, but I just couldn't do it. I get too anxious and want to write. Anyway, that's what this lesson is about. Doing just enough worldbuilding you need to started.

I've always been a very secretive writer, not showing anybody anything. Well, I'm trying to get over that at least to some extent. I don't have anything to show you right now, but I hope to maybe in a month or so. Maybe a little longer (see my work system above). When the times comes to actually start writing the manuscript I'll put up a word-per-day counter here.

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