Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work Station Part 1

Pitti-Sing is beautifully demonstrating my work station. The table is one of those medical tables that slide over the bed. Great invention, but when you're not using it you've got to have a place to store it. I crocheted the tablecloth and the chair covers.

My room is incredibly tiny, 10x11'. And it has to serve several functions. That's my dresser in the foreground, a good, strong piece of pine furniture that's stood up through several moves. It obviously doubles as a bulletin board.

And here the lovely Pitti-Sing is demonstrating an alternative use of the notebook -- as a seat cushion.

The pink notebook on the right is my To-Do list. That stays open on the desk so I know what I'm doing each day.
This was today's list. I've done more than this, but these were important things I wanted to get done. Yes, breakfast is an important thing that I have to be reminded to do. Helps me get my day started right.

But this is only where I work when I can sit up. Well, sometimes I take my things to the couch and work there. In part 2, I'll show where I work when I'm too sick to sit up.

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