Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to The Drawing Board (sort of)

Last Friday I wrote 250 words or so of a very important beginning scene. When I returned to it I realized it wasn't going to work. After a few sick days and four days of brainstorming, I realize that I need to do a little more prep work before I can go back to writing the manuscript.

It may take me just a few more days or it may take a couple of weeks. It all depends on how sick I get in between and whether my muse will work with me on this.

It's really a good thing. It's going to make the story much richer and fuller. But it also means the little bar on the side isn't going to up for awhile, and I was having such fun watching it go up. I'm working on my antagonist's character pre-planning now. I figure that the more I do this, the more I'll realize when I need to keep prepping and when I have enough to start the first draft.

Yum-Yum's been helping me.

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