Thursday, August 9, 2012

Work Station Part 2

Last week I showed what my writing desk currently looks like. I said I would show where I write when I'm too sick to sit up, but just well enough to be creative and hold a pen.

I am rather ashamed of showing it, I have to admit. I didn't realize till I took this picture how shabby everything looks and not in a chic way.

Of course, any bed made by me is going to look wrinkly, that's a given. Because I'm so often in the bed looking out, I pay more attention to the other three walls. There's nothing behind the bed but a big blank beige canvas. The shelves on the side and the table look makeshift (which they are). I'm definitely gonna have to do something about that. It makes a difference to me now that I'm able to sit at my desk more often and look at this view.

On the bright side, working with a blank canvas allows you to do all kinds of things you might not think of otherwise. These should make really good before pictures.

I use to hate that this was a full size bed since it's such a small room. Now I like it. They say not to work or do problem solving in bed because it can affect your sleep. So I sleep on one side and work on the other. I really think that helps.

The blanket and teddy bear is Yum-Yum's. She kneads it and sleeps with her head on it. I hardly ever hear her purr except when she's kneading her teddy. 

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